Recently I’ve felt like a new wave of grief and emotion has hit me; over time you get used to living with the longing for your baby, however recently I’ve felt like I’ve taken a step back. I understand this is always going to happen to me from time to time; I’ve take 2 steps... Continue Reading →

I was looking over some of my old blog posts last night, and I couldn’t help but feel a real sense of achievement reading back on the experience of my first trip back to work after losing Avery. Thinking back to when I was sat in the car park sobbing my heart out, my heart... Continue Reading →

This weekend is my first weekend where I have stacks of plans, normally my idea of heaven is lounging on the couch with good wine, food and Steven, but I've come to the realisation that my social life is lacking and I need to pick it back up if I'm on the road to finding... Continue Reading →

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