Hi, I’m Nicole (and my partner is Steven)

On October 12th 2016, our little angel, Avery Grace Chidgey was born sleeping at 28 weeks.

Thinking we had the world at our feet, it was torn apart in the blink of an eye. Having never been through loss before, I especially struggled in the early days, and found myself scouring the internet for comfort.

I found that whilst there were so many support groups, websites and forums out there for people in the same position as me, many of them were (understandably) full of pain and grieving, which sometimes made it harder for me.

What I really found solace in was stories of new beginnings after baby loss, from people who have found their ‘new normal’ as I like to call it. To hear that people in the same position had learned to live with the grief and smile again in the future gave me something everyone who loses a baby needs – hope!  So, if you’re reading this because you’re in pain, I hope you find some comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

I don’t mince my words, there’s no BS on here – I write in the moment and always give a real account of my baby loss journey – it isn’t an easy one let me tell you!  If you want the full picture, start from the beginning with ‘5 weeks ago today’.

Whilst no one can ever prepare you for the loss of your baby, we can ensure they make their impact on the world by helping others to regain their lives.


To get in touch and share your story, email me on averyspurpose@outlook.com


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