Steven’s 12 months of fundraising, so far


Back in December 2016, me and Steven went for a walk and had a long discussion about how we were going to start the New Year with positivity and a focus. It didn’t take long for us both to decide that we wanted to raise awareness of stillbirths and raise money.

Whilst I went creative and am in the process of refurbishing the bereavement suite at St Mary’s where Avery was born, Steven set himself a much tougher challenge of 12 months of fundraising, called #Averyspurpose

The past six months have been a worldwind of pure pride on my behalf, as he’s smashed event after event and the fundraising total has just jumped up and up. As Avery’s mum, I’ve seen him go from strength to strength by channelling the grief of losing his daughter into some very mentality and physically challenging events; all of which have been with the support his colleagues at Pro-fit personal training based in Total Fitness Wilmslow.

His first six months have been dedicated to SANDS, and now as we step into July, the focus will change to Tommy’s, starting with a his biggest event so far – the marathon car push.

Here’s a look at his year so far:

Avery’s Purpose started off ‘lightly’ with over 100 people joining in a 5k (I walked!)

He then went on to do a swimathon, whereby Pro-fit PT trainers all got their swimming gear on and swam an impressive 35 miles


Then in March, they put 5 bikes at the front of Total Fitness Wilmslow, and cycled straight for 12 hours, with clients and gym guests hopping on to add some extra miles throughout the day – in the end they racked up an astonishing 650 miles (I even cycled seven to do my part!)


Next, they did born survivor which was an army obstacle based 10k – with Stevens clients facing their fears to show their support for us and Avery


In his final event for SANDS, he has just recently climbed the 3 peaks in just under 24 hours! Travelling from Scotland, to Cumbria to Wales, he describes it as one of the most challenging things he’s ever done, but he kept pushing on every time he thought of Avery


As I said, Steven’s next event for Tommy’s will be the big one, and we’ve pulled in support from companies all over the north. To find out more, click here.

Steven, I’m so proud of you, you inspire me daily to keep on pushing and better myself.

One event at a time .. XO Nicole

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