Creating a safe place for future stillbirth parents

As you know, Steven is raising money for Sands by doing 12 events across 2017 – I couldn’t be prouder and it’s inspired me to want to push #AverysPurpose even further. I struggled at first to find something that I wanted to do; I’m not that into sports besides the gym so it was mind boggling trying to choose an event, when it hit me like a lightning bolt. Steven is doing his fitness events because that’s his thing, so I needed to focus on something which I was good at and loved, which is all things creative and interior design, and I couldn’t think of a better project to focus these passions into …

When I arrived at St Mary’s I had no idea what was ahead of me, I dreaded having to give birth on a ward surrounded by the sounds of live births – how cruel would that have been?! But, instead I was whisked to another part of ward which is especially for ‘sleeping babies’. Walking into the room I felt instant relief, it wasn’t the cold scary clinical environment I was dreading, it had some décor and you could tell effort had been made to make it more ‘homely’.

Despite this, amongst the madness of my waters breaking and contractions starting I kept commenting on the interiors within the room – so typical of me to notice wall acrylics peeling off and the outdated colour palette! It was better than I expected, but had so much more potential – and there’s where the rainbow room project started.

stillbirth room at st marys
The room Avery was born in – soon to be ‘The Aviary’

After getting permission from the hospital, it’s been agreed that myself and my wonderful marketing team at mydentist where I work will be refurbishing to two stillbirth delivery rooms at St Mary’s, and along the way, the facilities team have jumped on board too!

The project brief:

  • Two themed rooms (one will be the Rainbow Room and the room where Avery was born will be The Aviary, in memory of her beautiful soul)
  • We want comfort and calming interiors, to make the parents feel at ease – almost a home away from home
  • The rooms will almost feel luxurious, it’s such a cruel situation and for the parents to feel as comfortable as possible is very important to me
  • New furniture accessible for guests as well as the parents (my mum had to sleep upright on a chair, so we’ve taken this into consideration)
  • All the little luxuries which more parents would forget given the circumstances: hairdryer, toiletries, kitchen facilities, entertainment (flat screens and movies) and so much more
  • A place to make memories, it’s the room where you spend the time with your precious baby and take pictures

I’m currently raising money for this through my JustGiving page, and have just hosted a fundraising day at our offices, where we raised over £500, and we already have the St Mary’s rainbow charity money – so overall we’ve got over £6000 to make these rooms the best they can be.

Fundraising in memory of our little girl
Superhero day at our head office in memory of Avery x


Our marketing agency Caramba Marketing are currently designing the rooms after seeing them so I’ll just give you a sneaky peak for now of the rainbow room inspiration board (I’m Keep The Aviary a secret as it’s my special project).

inspiration board for our stillbirth room project

I’ll keep you all posted as the project continues but it warms my heart to know that my fundraising project is giving back directly to all the future angel parents who will have to endure the heartache in the rooms – hopefully it will allow them to be more comfortable and focus on making the most of the time with their beautiful babies.

I’ve found this project a great way to focus on something during the grief and create positivity out of the heartbreak.

One day at a time .. XO Nicole

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  1. Great idea! I too was worried about where I would give birth to Max but luckily Gloucester hospital also has a suite, funded by SANDS, away from the usual delivery area. In the circumstances, I was incredibly relieved. It was lovely and homely and was fully stocked with everything we could need. Everyone going through this deserves the same xx

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