War wounds

I’ve got a habit of looking in the mirror, unhappily gazing at my post-partum stomach and thinking ‘as if it wasn’t bad enough I’ve lost my baby, I’ve been left with this’ – well, I did at first any way.

It’s cruel isn’t it: stretchmark’s, thread veins, linea nigra – and no healthy happy baby to show for it. But, that isn’t a reason to hate your body, in fact its the opposite of that and the perfect reason to love it.

At big part of grieving is making memories that will forever keep your baby alive in spirit, and those little marks across your body are one of those – those stretchmark’s are a reminder of the home which your baby was so warm and snug in – babies in the womb only know love, comfort, warmth and happiness – and those marks are a sign of what made them so happy!

It’s also a sign that you are a warrior – you’ve endured all the aches and pains that come with pregnancy, and then labour – us women are bloody strong and these marks prove that – I see mine as war wounds!

Yes, I do want to get back into shape and tone back up, but I’ll always be proud of the marks Avery has left on my body, and so should you.

you are beautiful no matter what

And, don’t dare be embarrassed to show off your post-partum body to your man – it’s only you who may not appreciate them right now – but I guarantee to your baby’s father, they are something to admire, a reminder of how strong their partner is and why they should be proud of you every. single. day!

One day at a time .. XO Nicole

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